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ABOUT Whitworth Arms LLC

Whitworth Arms LLC is a provider of online marketplace infrastructure and operator of fixed-price online marketplaces in specific product niches. Through our websites, we bring buyers and sellers together in a convenient, low overhead venue customized to the class of items being traded, and provide an array of services to our sellers.

To view a more comprehensive company presentation, you will first need to download a Powerpoint Viewer from Microsoft's website (not necessary if you have Powerpoint installed on your computer), and then view the presentation in a new window.

To buyers, we offer the convenience of a single payment for multiple purchases, whether by credit card or mail; a login that remembers a buyer's particulars; an automated freight adder that is calculated by UPS using their ground tariff; a no-questions return policy; the knowledge that every seller is a legitimate licensed business, pre-approved and monitored by us; and free escrow services on every sale. (We disburse monies to sellers when the buyer has accepted the item, or refund them to the buyer if the item is declined.)

To sellers,  we offer a turnkey business solution. We take orders online, calculate and add freight and sales tax, collect and guarantee payment, generate the necessary emails, and update inventory in real time. In addition to a powerful real time sales interface, we provide value-added services that include an integral payments clearing-house with biweekly disbursements, automated shipping calculation, a shipping picklist, handling of refunds, and the basic bookkeeping functions sellers need to run a business based on our trading platform. Sellers do not require a credit card merchant account.

Given the financial interdependencies inherent in the special relationship we have with our sellers and the proprietary nature of our seller functionality, participation on the sell side is limited to preauthorized sellers who have entered into a formal agreement with us and are engaged in a serious and legitimate business undertaking. We like to think of ourselves as the marketplace for professionals who are committed to building an online business, have considerable product knowledge, and who value the ability to set their own hours,  but at the same time do not wish to invest in building and maintaining a proprietary web presence. Casual sellers, and sellers with no product specialty are well-served by other sites.

We also provide relevant reference data of interest to both buyers and sellers.

Our systems are designed to support trading in unique items or small lots, new or used, with individual lot tracking and accounting. While a fixed catalog of replenishable (new) items of limited variety can easily be traded on our platforms, there are solutions available (�web stores/malls�) tailored to online commerce of this type. Those solutions are not at all convenient for an ever-changing catalog with high variety and low quantities. We do not support online auctions, believing them to be awkward for both buyer and seller and appropriate only for items whose value is unknown.

We would entertain proposals and suggestions for the establishment of additional trading networks in new product niches utilizing the same backbone systems through licencing or joint venture.




We attempt, as best we can in an electronic world, to encourage our sellers to adhere to a set of values that we think will reinforce our technical advantages and lead to mutual success and satisfaction. We quote from a document we send to all sellers when they apply for an account:


"SERVICE. That means going out of your way to satisfy customers by providing information when requested, through professional and prompt shipment, and mature resolution of disputes. The customer almost always gets the benefit of the doubt.

VALUE. Internet shoppers are value-conscious. Low overheads enable you to price your items aggressively. Don�t try to get rich off one sale to a one sucker per year, it does not work. Make the sale and turn the inventory.

INTEGRITY. Describe your goods accurately and honestly. Anything else and the sale turns into a dispute and a headache for all.

SELECTION That is our collective advantage. Any one seller cannot possibly satisfy every order, but together the network can provide an enormous selection of attractively priced merchandise, both new and used, including many items that are no longer available.�


A commission on each successful transaction is collected from sellers� proceeds. The actual fee structure is confidential and is disclosed to sellers in the seller agreement and from time to time by email.


Telephone hours are 9am to 6pm weekdays Central time; email is the most reliable way to reach us. (Our websites are operational 24x7)

Note: Buyers should contact sellers directly for item-specific information via the email link provided with each item listing.