The FinnClassic 512 System Guns

The FinnClassic 512 series is the current incarnation of the well-loved Valmet 412 and Tikka 512 guns. The name was changed in conjunction with the acquisition of Sako/Tikka by Beretta, at which time this product line was taken over by Marocchi who was manufacturing the guns under contract for Tikka. Marocchi has left the mechanical aspects of the guns unchanged while improving the finishes and aesthetics of the guns. Now available in three basic grades (512S field grade, 512SD with game scenes, and the fully-engraved Bavarian Classic version), the grade of walnut used is commensurate with the grade and always oil-finished. The combo and double rifle barrels now have flexible side ribs, preserving the adjustable regulation feature that contributes to a well-earned reputation for accuracy, while giving the guns a more classic double rifle "look". Rifle calibers offered are 222 Rem (in combo only), 6.5x55, 7x57R, 7x65R, 308, 30-06, 7.62x53R, 8x57JRS and 9.3x74R. Custom cases, scope mounts, and different stock styles are offered as well. Shotgun barrels can be had in lengths from 24" to 30" in blued or chromed finish, both bright and satin. Double rifle barrel sets now have a sturdy fixed rear blade with a spring-loaded adjustable front sight. The combo barrels still use the same folding leaf sight. Double trigger conversion kits are available, as well as spacers to easily adjust the length of pull without the need to replace the recoil pad. We stock some of the common shotgun variants, as well as the more popular barrel sets and accessories. Other permutations are supplied to order.


All Finnclassic 512 shotgun and double rifle barrels chambered for rimmed cartridges come standard with ejectors

The field grade (512SC) gun is available in satin blued or chromed finish with bright side panels

The system of interchangeable barrels is the heart of the FinnClassic "System". Rifle barrels are available in various metric and American calibers.

Shotgun bbls in 12 ga can be had with flush or extended choke tubes

Combo barrels have fixed chokes.

Double rifle barrel sets have adjustable regulation in both planes and are made from Lothar Walther cut-rifled blanks.

The 512 SD is engraved and finished bright. The animals depicted can optionally be executed with gold fill.

The underside of the 512SD, here with the gold fill option

The 512SD can be had blued, again with optional gold fill. Quick detachable scope mounts are available in both 1" and 30mm, L, M or H

SD Blued grade, left side

The highest grade gun is the Bavarian classic, with a Titanium finish, with hand engraved animals, with or without gold finish.

Bavarian Classic double rifle with Lothar Walther barrels

Bavarian Classic in Titanium without gold fill

Game scene on the underside of the Bavarian Classic grade

Engraved top snap with Moose depiction, with or without gold fill, is available to order or as an aftermarket upgrade