Varmint hunters invest time and money in pursuit of long range accuracy. But all that can go to waste in the field without a steady comfortable rest. So many purchase "portable" shooting benches that can be set up in the field ... I use quotation marks because all of these benches are bulky to transport and time consuming to set up. And in a typical day, they must be taken down and set up several times as you move from dog town to dog town. Now you can have the advantages of a bench without the bulk and inconvenience ... our "Tow Bench" locks into your 2" hitch in a jiffy, provides a steady rotating shooting bench, and (with most vehicles) allows you to shoot all day in the shade. We offer versions to fit any type of vehicle ... tailgate, lift gate, swing gate or no gate. Also comes in a "handyman version" (you supply bench top and paint) to minimize shipping cost.  When you are done, the bench stows flat  Click on the pictures below for full-sized images. Place your order online by going to our  online store. Or feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 3787 business hours Pacific for further details (please note we are happy to answer questions but we do not take orders by telephone as this messes up our inventory accuracy). 

Tow Bench Unique clamping bolt holds bench firmly in your 2" tow hitch receptacle. This way no legs and no separate seat are are needed, permitting an extremely elegant and simple design. Tow Bench Bench folds flat for transportation, leaving plenty of room in your vehicle for your guns and ammo! 
Tow Bench Tailgate version allows you to relocate your rig without removing your bench. Bench can also be used from a standing position with tailgate closed. Tow Bench Height of bench is easily adjusted within 4" range by screwing support post in or out of cantilevered support.
Tow BenchIf your vehicle has a lift gate, you can shoot all day without worrying about sunburn. Tow BenchA steady rest is worth 100 sage rats 

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