"BAD BOY" Dangerous Game rifles

We took our inspiration for this limited production of dangerous game rifles from the Zimbabawe Professional Hunters' proficiency examination. Each year, seasoned examiners put those who have served their apprenticeship and passed the requisite theory examination, through a grueling series of field tests. This practical examination covers all aspects of professional hunting, including riflemanship. Recruits must pass a timed practical firing test that tests not only the shooter but also his rifle. Year after year, the same conclusion can be drawn from this test: the two most reliable, problem-free actions are the Mauser 98, and the Steyr. All others suffer from intermittent feeding problems, sticky bolts, uncooperative safety catches, magazines flying open under recoil, and other maladies.

We were fortunate to acquire a small number of new commercial Mauser actions, mated these up with barrels, bottom metal with hinged floorplates Timney triggers, and Hogue full-rail Overmolded stocks. The Mauser lends itself to standard length cartridges such as the proven 9.3x62 and the 458 Win Mag, the 375 and 416 Taylor, and the new Rugers. We offer these as kits that customers can sight and finish as they see fit. We designed an oversized magazine box that works with the Hogue stock and allows us to offer H&H length cartridges (375, 416, 458 and 470) on this action at minimal extra cost. Despite its virtues, the Mauser suffers from a 3 round magazine, something that is hard to remedy without going to great expense ... or so they say. On request, we will fit Enfield bottom metal with a custom box to a 98 action allowing 5 cartridges down, and we will supply a 95% inletted stock to accommodate the deeper magazine, in the form of our Bad Boy 98-VI kit. Pricing depends on the grade of wood you select for our stock as well as the degree of fitting and finishing done by us. I like this kit so much my personal 404 Jeffery is built on this platform.

For those who believe you can never have enough cartridges in your magazine in a tight corner, Steyr goes one step further in their new Safebolt action, via an adaptor that allows the use of a 7 round detachable clip. Unfortunately, the factory does not see fit to offer this rifle in the appropriate calibers for dangerous game. However, we can fill that void as the rifle is capable of accommodating a H&H length cartridge, with minor modification. Thus the Bad Boy VIII was born, and it has proven itself in the Jesse on elephant and buffalo. Since we must purchase a complete factory rifle as a donor, the BB VIII is sold as a finished rifle with or without iron sights, in blackened stainless, white stainless, blued or coated finishes. (We favor a ghost ring paired with a banded front sight).

And to round out our range, we now offer the Bad Boy VI kit, based on the rugged Enfield action which is similar to the proven Mauser 98 in design, but larger so it easily accommodates the really large cartridges. We have done all the hard work .. reprofiling the action, altering the bolt and the bottom metal, fitting a suitable barrel, supplying an oversized magazine box that holds 5 rounds, and supplying all the small parts.

Click on the pictures below for full-sized images, and feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 9053 business hours Pacific for further details. 

Mauser Bad Boy Bad Boy IV kit comprising barreled action, bottom metal, follower/spring, screws, Timney trigger, and Hogue stock with full length CNC machined aluminum bedding rail. Various iron sights can be supplied as an optional extra. Mauser Bad Boy Finished Bad Boy IV with ghost ring rear and fiberoptic front bead mounted in an NECG banded front sight .. bad to the bone! Mauser Bad Boy The latest Bad Boy VI kit using a recontoured Enfield action allows a total of 6 cartridges to be loaded; the action is opened to feed the long magnums and magnum contour barrels are threaded but not chambered, in bore sizes 375, 416, 423, 458 and 475. Custom wood or fiberglass stocking is necessary as there are no easy "drop in" stock options for this barreled action.
Bad Boy SteyrBad Boy VIII in 375H&H with management elephant in Zimbabwe, broadside heart shot. Bad Boy SteyrAlmost instant  kill on cow buffalo, Hornady DGX flat point expanding bullet, frontal chest shot. Bad Boy SteyrBad Boy VIII showing optional detachable 7 round magazine .. almost never needed but useful when necessary.

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