The new "Series 3" action is the smallest offered by Chapuis, suitable for rifle cartridges such as the 30-30 or 7x57R, as well as 28 gauge shotgun barrels. The action has a round body and employs a scaled down "double lump" blitz mechanism. Ejectors are standard.  The rifle barrels are 24" in length with a fixed rear sight adjustable for windage, and a front sight adjustable for elevation. The rib is dovetailed and blanked for Weaver, pivot or claw-type scope mounts. Shotgun  barrels can be had in 26 or 28" lengths with fixed or screw chokes. There are 2 grades available: the RGEX grade, a scalloped boxlock; the REX with sideplates. These same two grades are also available from the custom shop ("Artisan" range) with a greater degree of hand work and improved fit and finish. We illustrate on the standard production versions. Note, we can also supply an entry-grade RGEX with extractors and a simple border-engraved case-colored action, upon special request. Click on the pictures below for full-sized images, and feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 3787 business hours Pacific for further details. We hope you enjoy this display of fine modern gun-making.

Rex Serie 3 gale.jpg (25419 bytes) REX with coin-finished sideplates, providing a canvas for detailed game scenes. REX Série 3 Gravure côté.jpg (236459 bytes) Detail of REX game scene on right of action Rex Série 3 gauche.jpg (75427 bytes)REX left side of action also showing pistol grip and semi-beavertail forend.
RGEX.jpg (25419 bytes)RGEX boxlock gun with scalloped action with game scene engraving nicely enhanced by the traditional French "coin" finish. This gun is also available in a case-colored finish with a simple engraved border, with or without ejectors. RGEX Série 3 Gravure côté.jpg (158246 bytes)Left side of RGEX gun  RGEX Série 3 Gravure dessous.jpg (117075 bytes)Underside of RGEX action showing engraving and short trigger bow. (Artisan models have full length trigger bow)

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