Chapuis UGEX "Buffalo" Double Rifle

From the "Progress" model range, this is the standard grade gun with engraved scalloped action, however instead of the stock European game scenes this rifle depicts a Cape Buffalo on the bottom of the action with full cover bold foliate scroll on the rest of the action and forend iron. The caliber is 9.3x74R, an eminently useful round allowing for a light trim rifle not out of place in the deer woods yet sufficiently powerful for dangerous game hunting. The double rifle barrels are 23 1/2" long and are fitted with fixed iron sights with fluorescent inserts for low light use. The rib is dovetailed and blanked for pivot scope mounts. This particular gun is fitted with an additional set of 27 1/2" 20ga barrels choked modified and full and is cased in a Chapuis canvas and leather trunk case. A wonderful compact ensemble for the traveling hunter. Due to the popularity of this model allowing for (in double rifle terms) volume production, these guns offer tremendous value for the money. Also available in 7x65R, 8x57JRS, 30-06 and 30R Blaser, with or without ejectors. (This gun has extractors). Click on the pictures below for full-sized images, and feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 3787 business hours Pacific for further details. We hope you enjoy this display of fine modern gun-making.


Two barrel cased set, each barrel with its individual forearm (shotgun bbls still wrapped as received from factory)

Blitz action with double underlugs and scalloped back, with full coverage scroll engraving.

Underside of action showing (non-standard) Cape Buffalo head set in a medallion.

Rifle barrels have fixed blade sights with fluorescent inserts. Safety is manual.

Massive monobloc mates perfectly with action machined from high tensile steel forging. This example has extractors, ejectors are optional.

One piece rib is engraved and dovetailed for pivot mounts.

Highly visible front sight is adjustable for elevation.

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