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Impala Taken with 20ga Shot & Ball Slug Gun
Impala Taken with 20ga Shot & Ball Gun

Guns capable of shooting both shot and balls (slugs) were once quite popular, especially in the English gunmaking trade. Several makers developed this concept and patented their own twist on it. Holland & Holland licensed Fosbery's patent for ratchet rifling and called their gun the "Paradox". Westley had the "Explora" and in 20ga ,the "Fauneta". Lancaster applied their oval bore idea to the "Colindian".  These guns fell out of fashion and are today collector's items. (H&H recently reintroduced the Paradox and is making ammunition for it again). All of these guns had some form of rifling, to enable the use of conical bullets. Modern slug technology has made rifling unnecessary ... the rifling is now on the slug itself, allowing a shotgun to be pressed into use as a rifle. The first attempt at this was the Foster slug, but being hollow, it lacks sectional density and is rather ineffective and inaccurate. Federal has brought us the "Truball", a surprisingly accurate and effective solution that works well through a choked smoothbore, and has proved popular and highly accurate in pump and semi-auto guns. Unfortunately the Truball is a fairly light and very soft slug which can limit penetration on tougher game. The Brenneke slug is harder and known for deadly penetration, so it is probably the most effective hunting slug of all. The mass of the slug and the wadcutter design ensure a good wound channel. It is very accurate in smooth bored guns due to the "shuttlecock" design and is a very good choice for a dual purpose double. Unfortunately, guns designed for shot are normally hopelessly out of regulation with ball and have rudimentary sights. So we have built a gun that is specifically designed and regulated for Brenneke ammo, and further it has the lines and styling cues of a double rifle: a full length rib with integral quarter rib and front ramp; high quality sights; and a full length trigger bow tang. This is primarily a slug gun, but will do double duty on birds as the bores are choked, the left being tighter than the right, and the rear sight folds absolutely flat. The 20 gauge gun has 3" chambers and shoots a 1 oz (440 grain) bullet at 1500 fps from 26" barrels, enough medicine for pretty much anything in North America but especially suited to boar, bear and deer hunting. The new 12 gauge gun has 2 3/4" chambers and ejectors and will clobber moose and brown bear as well as any nitro double, albeit at ranges limited to 100 yards. These guns are made exclusively for us and are sold in the USA exclusively by us. By carefully using parts and manufacturing processes common to shotguns produced in volume, we can offer a gun that looks and feels like an expensive double rifle for the price of a shotgun.  Click on the pictures below for full-sized images, and feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 9053 business hours Pacific for further details. 

Shot & Ball Slug Gun The Shot & Ball gun has an attractively engraved and case-colored scalloped receiver. All pins are threaded. Stocks are hand checkered Turkish walnut, oil finished, with a semi-beavertail forend and a field comb. Stock dimensions are 15"x2 3/4"x 1 5/8" through a 1/2" black soft rubber pad.. Shot & Ball Slug Gun The 26"  barrels are the giveaway...the sleek rib is equipped with sights of the highest quality made by Recknagel in Germany. We now use a folding leaf rear and a longitudinally dovetailed fiberoptic front sight. The front sight can easily be swapped out for a different style or height. Shot & Ball Slug Gun440 Grains of lead at 1500 fps delivers more punch than a 45-70! To absorb recoil, the 20ga gun weighs 7lb with the 12 weighing a few oz more. Each gun is carefully regulated by hand and supplied with its regulation target. Fixed chokes are necessary for reliable regulation.
Shot & Ball Slug GunThe 12ga gun is choked .015 and .020 (IC and Mod) with 2 3/4" chambers, has ejectors, and is regulated for Rio Brenneke 1 oz ammunition. The 20s are choked .005 and .015 (light IC and light Mod), have 3" chambers and are regulated for Brenneke USA "Green Lightning" 1oz ammunition. Shot & Ball Slug GunUnderside of 20ga receiver with Whitetail Deer engraving, "SHOT & BALL" in gold inlay. Engraving is done by hand and the action finish is true bone charcoal case color. Shot & Ball Slug Gun The 12ga gun has a Boar's head engraved in an oval on the underside of the action

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