REX Artisan "Africaine" Rifle

Made to our specification and exclusively for us by Chapuis Armes of France, the REX Artisan "Africaine" Double Rifle is svelte, stunning, and practical. The Round-bodied "Blitz" action is hand-engraved with custom African game scenes appropriate to the caliber, set against deeply incised foliate scroll and chain link borders. The coin finish shows off the engraving to best advantage. This example is furnished with two sets of barrels: a set of 24" double rifle barrels in the versatile (and recently "rediscovered")  9.3x74R caliber; and a set of 28" shotgun barrels in 20ga with 3" chambers. Other rifle calibers are available (8x57JRS, 7x65R, 30R Blaser and 30-06) and the double rifle can be ordered without the shotgun barrels or the scope mounts. The fit and finish on this rifle are superb in all details.  The pictures barely do this wonderful firearm justice. We hope you enjoy them and please don't hesitate to contact us for further information by email or by telephone (503) 263 3787 business hours Pacific.


Chapuis REX Artisan "African" Edition, Two Barrel Set in 9.3x74R and 20ga, Exclusively Made for Double Gun HQ

Sideplated Action with Kudu Bull Game Scene on Left Side

Wood to Metal Fit is Superb

Underside of Action Bears Engraver's Signature and the Head of a Leopard

The Kudu and the Warthog are Two of Africa's Signature Species...

Individual Forends are Provided for Each Barrel Set

Internal Fit and Finish is Commensurate with Overall Standards

Rifle Barrels are Fitted with Both Pivot Mount Scope Bases and Express Sights, One Standing and Two Folding

Rifle is Regulated with Bushnell Elite 3200 RainGuard 1.5-4.5x32mm Scope with Firefly Reticle

Gun is Regulated with Scope Provided, Mounted via Rechnagel Pivot Mounts

Shotgun Barrels are Proofed for Steel Shot and are Fitted with Flush Choke Tubes (5 Tubes are Supplied with Gun)

Sumptuous "Five Star" French Walnut Stock with Pistol Grip and German Cheekpiece

Skeleton Buttplate is Beautifully Engraved and Flawlessly Fitted

Double Rifle/Shotgun Ensemble in Fitted Linen and Leather Case

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