Chapuis AGEX "Jungle" Double Rifle

From the "African Express" model range, this is the intermediate grade gun with sideplates providing a larger canvas for the superb hand-cut African game scene and bold foliate scroll engraving. The caliber is 375 Flanged Magnum, providing the same ballistics as the more familiar belted round but with more reliable ejection. Belying the "Sunday Gun" good looks, this is a tough working rifle designed to withstand the heaviest of modern nitro calibers (also offered in 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H, 416 Rigby and 470 NE). Actions are machined from high-tensile steel forgings, not investment castings. Side walls are beefy and the actions are reinforced at the critical junction of breech and bar. The ribs are one piece "I beam" sections further stiffening the barrels. There are two parallel barrel lumps providing greater bearing surface and firmer lockup. The express rib and the front ramp are integral with the main barrel rib. Made to exacting tolerances in a shop combining the best of modern machine-tool technology with time-proven hand fitting and finishing, these rifles are superb value for money. Click on the pictures below for full-sized images, and feel free to contact us by email or by telephone at (503) 263 9053 business hours Pacific for further details. We hope you enjoy this display of fine modern gun-making.


AGEX "Jungle" double rifle in caliber 375 Flanged Magnum

Sideplated and reinforced "Blitz" action with African game scenes : Cape Buffalo on left side

Express sights with rib dovetailed (blanked) for pivot mounts. Safety is manual

Underside of action with Lion's head set in a field of deeply-incised hand-cut foliate scroll. Trigger bow has rolled edge and oval for initials.

Detail showing forend latch

Trigger tang extends all the way to the engraved steel grip cap. Pistol grip stock with RH palm swell.

Elephant scene on right side set in a chain border. Rifle has automatic ejectors.

Double triggers for proven reliability

"Five Star" walnut stock has beautiful hand-rubbed oil finish and Pachmyr "Old English" pad.

Classic express sights: one standing, three folding

Gun in factory linen and leather trunk case with room for a future second set of barrels

View of gun showing English cheekpiece, 26" barrels, and Chapuis case.

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